Our lab was founded in 2020 to to lead the development and implementation of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) innovations across MGH.

AR and VR technology has greatly advanced in the past decade and its use in healthcare has shown to be promising. Several improves makes AR and VR technology prime for use in healthcare:

  • Affordability 

  • Wireless headsets

  • Improved process power

  • Improved user comfort

  • Improved image resolution

  • Longer battery life

  • Enhanced haptic feedback

We serve as an incubator and lab to leverage AR/VR technology to improve patient-centered care, enhance diagnosis and treatment, and elevate medical education.  


Research collaboration

Product development


Clinical practice

Advancing clinical practice including, but not limited to, bed-side procedures, minimally invasive interventions, surgeries, pre-operative and pre-treatment planning.

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Patient Education and engagement

Improving patient care, satisfaction, and comfort by creating immersive environments that stimulate recovery and engagement, and reduce risk of delirium.

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AR/VR model creation and image segmentation

Accelerate and improve pre-operative and pre-treatment planning with VR-guided segmentation tool and model creation. Easy manipulation and testing with interactive 3D VR models.

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Enhance medical education using realistic and interactive AR/VR modules that exceeds traditional textbooks and lectures in terms of  comprehension and memory retention. 

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Immersive 360° videos to improve patient education and engagement 


Meet The Team

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Raul Uppot
Co-Founder and Clinical Director

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Raul N. Uppot, MD is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and staff interventional radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Uppot has been actively involved in developing and implementing AR/VR tools for radiology education and training, communication, and clinical care. He has published and presented on AR/VR applications in healthcare at national and international conferences.


Eleni Balasalle
Co-Founder and Program Director

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Eleni Balasalle, MEd is a creative manager on the Radiology Strategic Communications team, sought to create an entity centralizing individuals interested in mixed reality to ideate, innovate, and ultimately improve our community's healthcare experience. Galvanized by her exposure to mixed reality for instruction, Eleni's focus in augmented and virtual applications is on patient and trainee education. 

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Min Lang
Co-Founder and Innovation Director

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Min Lang, MD, MSc is currently a radiologist resident at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School. Having seen firsthand the uses of AR/VR technology during his medical training, Dr. Lang has been actively involved in testing and implementing AR/VR technology in healthcare. Dr. Lang wants to create a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment for AR/VR innovation.

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Alexander Burns
Administrative Coordinator

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Alexander is a graduate of Bentley University with a Bachelor's in Finance. He is interested in creating technological and artistic interventions to create equity for diverse groups in the medical space. Alex joined the AR/VR Lab to further explore the impact of change in healthcare that AR and VR offers. In addition, Alexander is also involved with The Peoples’ heART, a health, equity, and art non-profit from MGH.  

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Matthew Mitchell
Harvard Medical Student

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Matt Mitchell is a Harvard Medical student with a passion for technology. With an eye always towards the future, Matt has adapted his own training to fit the modern era. With AR/VR, Matt hopes to reinvent how students study, and how doctors work.

Advisory Board

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Michael Gee, MD, PhD
Deputy Chair of  MGH Radiology 

Marc Succi.jpg

Marc Succi, MD
Executive Director of MESH
Emergency Radiologist


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Stuart Pomerantz, MD
Director, Center for Imaging Informatics and Information Technology
Director, Neuro-Diagnostic Spine Service


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